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The Long Walk Home. Beechmont Rural Fire tank. Beechmont.

Artist Statement

The Long Walk Home

The inspiration for my artwork was from photos taken of and by my friends and by Rural Fire Service members during the 2019 bushfire season which had massive transformative effect on our community.


The firefighters embark on long walks checking containment lines, actively dampening fires and are the front line in keeping the community educated, safe and protected. 


The relief in my friend’s face upon returning to the fire shed after a long few days on shift to embrace his love, that feeling is universal for any member of the Brigade. Relief, gratitude, responsibility, sense of home, community and love, all come together within the Brigade family. That sense of belonging to community and place is strong within us all.


Our mountain is so special, the culture up here is rare and one of the many reasons my husband and I decided to stay on through to adulthood and to raise our family here. This artwork is for the fireys, and the mountain that supports them. 

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