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After the Sarabah Wildfire, The Little Pocket hosted a ‘REGENERATION’ day where neighbours and community members came together to talk, cry, laugh and make art together. It was such an important part of our healing.


Hoping to continue creating space for recovery, regeneration and resilience, a seed was planted for a creative recovery project. Over the last 12 months that seed has been nurtured and made possible by the support of The Creative Recovery Network and funding from Scenic Rim Regional Council, Federal and Qld Government, Category C Bush fire recovery funding and the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal.


A Project Advisory Group was set up in August 2020 with the intention to guide the project and ensure accountability and transparency.  The members and role of this group adapt to meet the needs of the project. Community consultation has guided the shaping of the different project streams.


We value the role art and cultural activities play in the disaster recovery process. These creative platforms can provide a safe and supportive environment for residents to express their changing needs within the recovery process.   

Our vision is to gently facilitate a meaningful creative process that builds community connections, capacity and resilience through courageous conversations, sharing of stories and community-engaged creative practice. To celebrate the connection to place and represent the communities shared experience of the
2019 bush fires

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