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Home. Rosins Lookout. Beechmont.

Artist Statement


Nikki Tervo

‘Home’ has always been Beechmont. With its rich blue skies, bright coloured birds and flowers. As a child I watched the bright coloured hang gliders being chased by the majestic Wedgetail Eagles.

Everything up here, for me, is filled with life, action and colour. This mural was to remind me, and hopefully others, of the happy memories and colours of ‘Home’.


Matti Tervo

Painting a mural as a mother and son team was just one of the elements that made this wall very meaningful. 


Our family has been closely linked to Beechmont. So close, in fact, that both my Grandma’s and Granddad’s ashes were spread into the winds of the mountains, just 50m from this wall. So for our family, Rosin’s Lookout has long been a place to grieve, heal and celebrate.


The stories that were heard as people painted or watched us painting left many speechless with hurt and admiration. So this wall was painted to acknowledge the devastation of the bushfires, while celebrating the vibrant and strong community of the mountain.

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