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Dragon Flys.jpg

 61 .Praying Mantis. Aluminium MIG welding wire   $50 each

Twisted Murf
Artist Statement


Little Animals and Insects


Nature plays a big part in my work. I want the viewer to think about not only the native animals affected by the fire but also our domesticated animals.


The pieces I've chosen for the show reflect this. As a lover
of nature we have quite a few companion animals in our family. When the fires came getting ready to evacuate and thinking about where to go with all our pets was quite the challenge.


Firstly rounding them all up in their cages and Tupperware containers. We watched the line of cars leave the mountain as we chased chickens in the wee hours of dawn.


Once we'd gotten all our loved ones together we had to think of where to go. It's not as if you can rock up to an evacuation centre with a dog, cat, two parrots, four chickens, a turtle and a snake. I'm just glad we didn't actually have a horse!

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