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Regeneration Mt Barney - Lower Portals Discoveries I_ Janine Healy.JPG

26. Regeneration Mt Barney, Lower portals discoveries I 2020 

Mixed media on marine grade birch plywood including laser etched photography, charged wood, oil stick and charcoal from the location. $1950

Artist Statement


Upon return to my Scenic Rim roots with my children after years of absence my spirit was ignited while at the same time the mountains I call home caught fire.


I took photos of the sunsets from the safety of my home
in Laravale surrounded by a ring of fire. The sky was blood red and scorched. Thick smoke filled the air, the atmosphere was heavy with uncertainty and fear.


The inspiration for Fire in the Sky and Red Sunsets were produced as a result of these observations. Each time since, when I see a red sky I am reminded.


Discussions with many friends, neighbours and others impacted by the fire provided inspiration for The Prophets of Profit in January 2020. I visited the Lower Portals at Mt Barney in July 2020. This area once lush and dense with bush has been totally razed by bushfires then washed bare by rainfall. Boulders had cracked and the parched earth that was washed away in torrential rain made tree roots like giant veins protruding out of the ground. Charcoal and slowly emerging green tufts shared the landscape. This was nature's resilience on display.

It was both confronting and breathtakingly beautiful.

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