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23. Citrinatas. 2019. Pastel, Ink and Watercolour on Paper.

Artist Statement


Wandering along the scorched earth, charred terrains, carbon and the charcoal, I caught a glimpse of a creative spark that set fire to my soul - Ignition.


The blazing mysterious alchemy of the inner world and outer world coming together. Over the last few months it’s been a journey through a wildfire of blackening - Nigredo, the dark nights of my soul.


Whitening and separation - Albedo with a new world where there were opposites and the tension of two realities where the discomfort of living a life of clashing opposites, a world of an artist and a corporate employee.


Then the yellowing, the gift, the gold of my soul - Citrinatas to be reclaimed. This was the gift of making raw marks to help people feel emotions that had no capacity for words, then return and reddening - Rubedo where I emerge out of the ashes from my previous pre-fire self.

This work is to inspire people to let it burn, let it bleed, let it go and allow renewal and Regeneration of your own unique cloak of identity.

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