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12. Beechmont Butterflies. 2021. Enamel spray on stainless steel.  NFS

Samantha Campbell
Artist Statement


Beechmont Butterflies


My defining memory from the fires is my house burning down and my subsequent feeling of loss. 


The inspiration behind this work is based on the threatened Richmond Birdwing Butterfly that was unusually sighted in abundance around Beechmont after the September 2019 Sarabah fires. 


The butterflies represent the community journey into recovery through the process of transformation. 

This transformation is made by the collective power of each community member’s kind words and actions to help one another recover and feel a sense of belonging.   


Seeing these butterflies brought a vision of hope, regeneration and beauty amidst the blackened landscape.  


This artwork was partly made in a community workshop
to show that we are all in this together to regenerate and create resilience.

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