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Ignition Point.jpg

6. Ignition Point, hand built raku glazed ceramic lidded vessel, $400

claire beck
Artist Statement


This series of raku and pit fired ceramic pieces reflects the journey of the fire from ignition to recovery.

I was inspired to produce some of these pieces from my experiences during Black Summer while some were created during its prelude or aftermath.


I still in my mind’s ear hear the sound of the chopper over head in the early hours of the morning intoning Evacuate! Evacuate! Evacuate! I don’t believe I will ever forget and remembering still retains the power to catch my throat and tighten my chest.


After the fire I was struck by the regenerative power of nature. Trees that I had thought irretrievably burned sent forth tentative new shoots. As the rains came and water gathered in the rocks and crevices, the wildlife and birds returned. Life resumed.

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