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49. The Oxymoron Map. Acrylic on a blind . 180x100cm  $3000

Artist Statement


Belonging, Recovery, Resilience and Regeneration

My family, three generations, know Beechmont as home. The Moora Moora. Feeling of home.


As a practicing artist who creates in my studio at Beechmont, it was an honour to be asked to be a part of this art exhibition.


To express in a creative way the impact the fires had on our country, wild life and community is a cathartic purge. To sit quiet in the aftermath and feel the creativity flowing.


The Oxymoron of the light, then the darkness, then back to light and colour. The artist block, then the creative flow. The blackness of charcoal to the hues of colour. Our village in its glory and in its darkness. An oxymoron map of light and dark.


BELONGING = community, colour and home.

RECOVERY = new life, growth on country and community.

RESILIENCE = courage to renew, live, colour and optimism.

REGENERATION = commonality, togetherness, creativity and growth.

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