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Diversity and Strength, Rosins Lookout. Beechmont.

Artist Statement

Diversity is our Strength

The mural is titled “Diversity is our Strength” and features the buttress roots of a Quangdong tree in front of a Bangalow palm forest, and a male and female satin bower bird with their bower and collection of treasures.


Rainforests and wet forests are usually considered buffer zones to bush fires, however in 2019 the bush fires burnt a considerable amount of rainforest, including World Heritage listed Gondwana rainforests; fortunately at Lamington National Park only ten percent burnt. The mural is symbolic of the incredible natural bio-diversity of this area and the protection it may serve against bushfires.

The satin bower bird is a unique, flamboyant and rowdy resident of Beechmont and Binna Burra, and represents the playful nature of animals and the symbiotic relationship they have with humans - by taking advantage of our brightly coloured treasures to win over their potential mate. 


The bushfires were a horrific, challenging, confronting and emotional time for me, my family, friends and community. The fires however sparked some magic in bringing people together; ideas and stories and the need for healing was a catalyst for bringing some colour and cheer to the mountain through the Mural Project and Regeneration Exhibition.

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