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"Exploring our local hidden and not so hidden gems has been the ultimate experience to share with my daughter. Like most, I'm a busy mum who works, studies and runs a household. But no matter what, our Monday mornings with The Little Pocket is a sacred and special time for us both. We get to slow down and make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime."


 - CAT -

"The Little pocket is a wonderfully engaging program exploring my favourite mountain. We are welcomed with such love and guided through stunning nature spaces and new friendships. I would recommend this to any family wanting to spend more quality time outdoors. Even once my children are off to school, we will continue to explore these beautiful places with such fond memories."




"The Little Pocket Nature Play has been so beneficial for our little family. As a first time mum of an 8 month old, being able to connect with other families with little ones in the area has been invaluable! I feel so grateful to be able to give my child the gift of community connection and to watch her foster a curious and respectful relationship with the natural environment through this wonderful program."


"My children love Pocket Play! What a special morning in magical places all about our beautiful mountain. It’s magic to see my children growing, expanding and connecting to nature play. It’s lovely for them to take home special treasures created from the world around them - a little boat made from a leaf or a painted piece of bark. Little clay bowls or insect feeders to put into the trees. I love watching them engage and learn each week."




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