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Birdwing takes Flight, Landcare Shed. Beechmont.

Artist Statement

Birdwing Takes Flight

The inspiration behind the work is based on the threatened Richmond Birdwing Butterfly sightings by the Beechmont community after the fires. Caterpillar larvae develop through 5 stages, molting their skins between each stage before emerging transformed into a butterfly to take flight. I feel I have undergone this metamorphosis after the experience of losing my home.


The emotional trauma of bushfire recovery and regeneration is explored through the metamorphosis that a butterfly takes in its changing forms. 


This transformation represents our community and how it will be forever changed with the beauty to be revealed in time through regeneration of the land and our collective hearts.


The mural has been made so people can stand in front of the life size wings and be empowered and transformed with arms stretched up in joy.

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