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A beautiful, hardcover, coffee table book, made up of 250 pages of community creativity, resilience and recovery. The project that has inspired a number of creative activities and connections after the 2019/2020 bushfires has been brought together in one place, here, in the Little Pocket Associations first publication

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The fires that raged across our Scenic Rim communities in Spring 2019 were the opening chapter of what became a national narrative of unprecedented fires and devastation across the 2019-2020 Black Summer. 


Early September 2019 fires burnt across Scenic Rim and other areas of Queensland. We were unaware at the time that these fires were the opening chapter of what became a national narrative of unprecedented fires and devastation across that summer in many parts of Australia. 


A layering of natural disasters and a global pandemic has placed unprecedented challenges on many communities. The ‘new normal’ has created new demands and we find ourselves looking for creative ways to strengthen our communities and make meaning of the world around us.


The shared lived experience of fire ignited a deeper understanding of human connection, respect for the natural world and sense of belonging to place. Regeneration Bushfire Creative Recovery Project bears witness to local artists expression of resilience and recovery while paying respect to the transformational quality of art and creativity. 


The Regeneration book weaves together short stories, poems, interviews, photographs, and artwork to become a creative tapestry of community experience. This collection of works has been carefully curated, designed and crafted by a group of local designers, artworkers and storytellers who have nurtured the creative recovery project over two years.  


The book celebrates a community mural project and showcases artworks from the group exhibition held at the Centre Gallery, Beaudesert, 2021.  Out of the tragedies, the loss, the grief and smoke rise stories of vulnerability, courage, hope, recovery, and regeneration. 


The Regeneration book explores how one community responded creatively to the Bushfire experiences that affected many Australians that Black Summer. It is our hope that this book shines a light on the important role art can play in supporting recovery, nurturing resilience, and celebrating regeneration.

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