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18. Dave Groom. Wreath Above the Fire. 90x120. NFS

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Regeneration -  Creative Bushfire Recovery Project was created in response to the 2019/2020 bushfires after The Little Pocket Association Founder Jessica Brown, called upon her neighbours, her community, to gather under the banner of Regeneration, to talk, to cry, to laugh and make art together. With years of experience working across the education, arts, community, and not- for-profit organisations Jessica knew the value of art. A seed was planted for a creative recovery project and since, that seed has been nurtured and made possible by the support of The Creative Recovery Network and funding from QLD Bushfires - Category C- Flexible Funding Grant, Scenic Rim Regional Council,  Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal News Corp, Commbank and Bendigo Bank Bushfire Grants. The Regeneration Project is designed to celebrate connection to place, represent the communities shared experience and to create space for recovery and resilience within the community. The funding we have fortunately received has allowed a series of creative projects to be delivered across the mountain in an effort to begin the healing.

Arts and creativity is a way of sharing stories, connecting, reducing isolation, giving voice to experience, making sense of the unimaginable and generating creative engagement and participation. All building blocks of community resilience, preparedness and resilience building. All essential for recovery. Arts and culture can open doorways for a resilient and connected future


Creative Recovery Network 

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