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While the catalyst of this project was that of trauma response, the journey through it and the outcomes have been nothing short of magical. “Resilience” covers the story of a South East Queensland community who chose to respond to the 2019 wildfires with creative expression. Through community engagement they completed 6 mural paintings, a publication of stories and smaller projects, a world-class exhibition and this documentary which endeavors to inspire communities. The film is a not only a celebration of what was achieved, but a road map of their journey to Resilience.


Known for his ability to capture in moving image the subtitles of the human emotional spectrum. His cinematic style lends itself to a more commercial appeal, with smooth, flowing motion and finely tuned composition while his experience in the documentary world make for a perfect marriage. His understanding of technical know how and story telling ability as an editor make him well versed in the art of cinema. It has been his dream since he first started making films as a young adult to use the far reaching world of film to help effect global change. 

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